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goof1427 -> design question..II (17.Oct.2007 11:04:51 PM)

hello. thanx in advance for your time and efforts.

background info:
-we are moving from 2007.
-we are taking over consolidating offices in london and hong kong. (1300 users)
-we have been asked to centralize all of exchange in one location - Chicago (1200 users...)
-there will be a MPLS link that is 30MB...but 10MB will be for voice and 20Mb will be shared for datacenters and Exchange...

so heres my questions and concerns:
-lag time? will the users in UK and abroad..getting mail busy..etc.
-is there enough bandwidth for Exchange?  is there any way to determine how much bandwidth does Exchange need? per user? I couldnt find anything on the internet regarding this...

-is centralizing Exchange in one location good or bad? 

my main concern is the lag/speed of Exchange for users in UK and Hong Kong...when users open their attachments...send attachments...
otherwise it would be a great idea for centralization...because it would be easier for disaster recovery...and backups...and just management..

again thank you for your time and efforts...

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