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srasmus -> Uninstalling Exchange Server 2007 in a mixed environment (18.Oct.2007 10:48:42 AM)

Hello all,

Has anyone ever tried uninstalling Exchange 2007 in a mixed mode environment with Exchange 2003?

If so, I'd really like to know how you got rid of Public Folder replicas from Exchange 2007 :-)

Right now, I am trying to uninstall Exchange 2007 from my mixed mode environment, there are only three servers - one Exchange 2003 FE, one Exchange 2003 BE, and one Exchange 2007.

Exchange 2007 will not uninstall because it claims that it still has PF replicas. However, thorugh the GUI, I can there are none. No folders, nothing.

Looking System Folders, the "System Configuration" folder will not remove its replica to the Exchange 2007 box. When I try, I am prompted for a password. This is not validated, and I then get an "access denied" error.

This is not informational nor educational as my Exchange 2007 box has been installed without any problem using the same domain account as which I installed my Exchange 2003 server with.

I even tried moving replicas through the Management Shell, same error.

I then tried to delete the Public Store through the Management Shell, same error.

I also used the PFWebDavAdmin tool, and found the my installation account had no permissions on the Exchange 2007 PF database. However I cannot reset permissions.

It doesn't make any sence.

I opened a PSS case with Microsoft, and they have no clue.

As always, this release of Exchange Server is not ready for public, nor is it tested properly. It it were, there wouldn't be need for any service packs, would there?

Should any of you have been through this "pain-in-the-ass" situation, I'd be glad to hear from you :-)

Thanks in advance

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