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stuarta -> GAL on WM6 devices (23.Oct.2007 6:56:44 AM)

I'm just trying to find all my contacts from my GAL on our WM6 XDA's. 

My Windows Mobile Device Center on my laptop is configured to sync the contacts from our Exchange server when I have it connected, but it only ever shows my local contacts and not the GAL.

I've tried the Global Access Contact from m/soft, but I it won't let me connect to my server.

Any ideas out there please? -> RE: GAL on WM6 devices (19.Nov.2007 7:44:59 PM)

The GAL isn't on the device. If connected you can search the GAL by selecting "Company Directory"

stuarta -> RE: GAL on WM6 devices (20.Nov.2007 3:25:56 AM)

Excellent, thank you.  I see you can use this for the phone book as well, although when I get a call from someone in the company directory, it doesn't show their name.

rishishah -> RE: GAL on WM6 devices (20.Nov.2007 3:38:04 AM)

The lookup against the GAL is only done when the user Demands it on a WM device. Hence it will not do a lookup each time you receive a call for instance, and in addition to this in most cases the 3G/GPRS connection will break when you make or receive a call.

If you want a name to flash up when the phone rings the name and number has to be in Contacts. If you add them in Contacts within Outlook (on your desktop/laptop) via Exchange Activesync they will appear on your WM device too.

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