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izeburn -> HDD Usage in Exchange 2007 (25.Oct.2007 9:40:43 AM)


I'm about to setup a single Exchange Server 2007, and i have two options for my harddrive setup. I can choose between

2x 300GB SAS 15.000RPM
2x 400GB SAS 10.000RPM

I would like to go with the extra space since the cost is exactly the same whether i choose the 300GB or the 400GB solution

My question is, will i be better off choosing the 15.000RPM harddrives, or is the HDD-usage in Exchange 2007 considered such a small performance factor, that i could aswell go with the 10.000RPM HDD's and get the more space aswell without being troubled with HDD-performance problems?

Elan Shudnow -> RE: HDD Usage in Exchange 2007 (25.Oct.2007 10:00:11 PM)

One of the rules with designing storage for Exchange, regardless of version, is design for performance first and then capacity.  A 10K RPM drive might very well be fast enough, but there are so many factors to consider when designing storage. 

You might want to try out the Exchange storage calculator.  It will let you enter many variables that your environment will contain, and will tell you what you need to acheive in terms of Input Output Per Second (IOPS).

But to be very simplistic, if you are a small shop, then doing all the IOPS calculations might be overkill.  You should still take a look at the planning Exchange storage article on the Technet Library to do some more simpler calculations to see how much space you will actually need.  I highly advise at least looking at this doc to ensure your performance/capacity is what you need it to be so are not sorry down the road.

Storage Calculator:
Planning Storage:

rishishah -> RE: HDD Usage in Exchange 2007 (5.Nov.2007 8:54:50 AM)

Agree with Elan.

However if you can afford it i would really suggest you go for 4 drives and put them in a Raid 10 configuration.

This will give us the best of both worlds in terms of ressilience and speed.


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