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pgus -> Setup /PrepareAD Error (29.Oct.2007 9:09:10 AM)


When I run setup.exe for Exchange installation message appair that I should run setup /PrerpareAD. When I do this shows up.

Organization Preparation         ......................... FAILED
The well-known object entry B:32:A7D2016C83F003458132789EEB127B84:
CN=Exchange Servers\0ADEL:7dce01b7-ffab-4949-a080-e4a470240411,
CN=Deleted Objects,DC=xxx,DC=xxx,DC=com of the otherWellKnownObjects
attribute on container object CN=Configuration,DC=xxx,DC=xxx,
DC=com points to an invalid DN or a deleted object.
Please remove the entry and rerun the task.

How to I remove entry?

Thanks in advance

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Setup /PrepareAD Error (30.Oct.2007 12:16:19 AM)


Have you checked from the adsiedit do you have the following : CN=Exchange Servers\0ADEL:7dce01b7-ffab-4949-a080-e4a470240411 under deleted objects if so then i would appreciate if you try to analyze why it has came to that folder and if it is deleted one..
then take the system state backup first and then delete it

pgus -> RE: Setup /PrepareAD Error (30.Oct.2007 8:25:02 AM)

This worked for me. Look at end of document.

yeminwin -> RE: Setup /PrepareAD Error (24.Nov.2007 1:09:19 PM)

Hi I am facing problems of installing Exchange 2007 in multi domain environment. When I run the readiness check, the error is saying that I don't have window 2003 Sp1 in some child domains. I am not able to proceed the next step. Actually my domain have a lot of child domains and I am not able to track which domain does not have window 2003 SP1. Some domains are still window 2000.
My questions is whether I can run the setup/pl and specify the domains which have window 2003 SP1 domain controller in multi domains environments.
appreciate any advise.

Exchange.Specialist -> RE: Setup /PrepareAD Error (24.Nov.2007 3:22:06 PM)


You cannot install E2k7 until and unless you have all the child domain having 1 W2k3 SP1 DC. That was the problem with E2k7 RTM. However, the issue has been resolved in E2k7 Sp1. So, i would suggest wait until SP1 is released if u want to install E2k7 without upgrading all child domains with w2k3 sp1 dc.

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