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ladiver -> Enterprise Vault (30.Oct.2007 6:21:21 PM)

Hello all,

I have a situation where I have been looking into archive solutions.  I have pretty much narrowed it down to Symantec Enterprise Vault or EMC E-mail Extender.  I thought it was going to be an easy proposal to management until the quote for installation came in.

I have approx 100 mailboxes and 50 or so PST's.  The total mail store is 30 GB and I expect PST's to take in another 70 GB or so.  I have been quoted $10-15K for installation services on Symentec (not including product/licensing). 

Is this about right or am I getting screwed?


a.grogan -> RE: Enterprise Vault (31.Oct.2007 4:31:40 PM)

Hiya chap, I can give you an indicator of what I paid:

4000 user setup over two organisations
5 days with two consultants onsite working with me = 5750 (which is about $11946.78)

Not sure if that helps,



ladiver -> RE: Enterprise Vault (31.Oct.2007 4:48:39 PM)


Thanks for that response.  I have been quoted about what you paid, but I have 100 users and a single location.[8|]

Hopefully I get some feedback from others, or I may ask for you installer!  It would be cheaper for me to fly them out for 3 days!  Plus I am sure they would love to come to sunny southern California!


a.grogan -> RE: Enterprise Vault (31.Oct.2007 4:55:52 PM)

Hiya Jeff, if you are genuinely interested PM me, and I will pass on the details of the people I used for the installation.



uemurad -> RE: Enterprise Vault (10.Nov.2007 1:05:32 PM)


Sorry for coming in late - I've been busy at work and haven't been watching the forums as much as I'd like.

PM me if you want.  I used a VAR here in California and the engineer I worked with is first-rate.  Also, you can tell me who it was that quoted you that dollar amount.

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