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kranitz -> "Could not find contact" but suddenly, there it is! (8.Nov.2007 7:08:48 PM)


I have discovered a problem that exists amongst my Outlook users here...

If I open up a public folder that holds contacts, then open up a DL in the folder, there are some contacts that show up as contact cards without the person icon, others that do.

If I double click on one of the contacts that shows the little person icon, it says "Could not find contact <contact name>. It may have been deleted or moved from its original location. Would you like to remove it from this list?"

I answer NO, and as soon as I do, the contact card icon changes to one which does not have the little person icon and if I try to open it again, it opens right up.

I can go through a whole DL and do this to make them all good, and then save it.

After that, I can go to another user's computer, log in as them, and browse to the DL, the same thing comes up!

Any ideas?

Exchange 2003, Outlook 2007...

Thanks in advance!


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