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a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (21.Nov.2007 2:40:56 PM)

Hiya would you be willing for a remote session tomorrow at around lunch time 12:00 pm GMT) using rescue me?

I guess I am loathed to see you have to blow the lot away.



jbyrum -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (21.Nov.2007 2:47:40 PM)

I had a similar problem last night which I caised myself so perhaps this will halp.  Whe I installed Exc last year the pop3 service did not install which up until now was no big deal. Now the customer would like to use pop3 so I attempted to get this service installed and working. Ok now, pay close attention... this is what NOT to do. I installed the built-in POP3 Service in Windows Server 2003 thinking I could use it, after some mods of course, with Exchange. What happened was all clients could send e-mail but could not receive, the senders were getting return messages, I did not check OWA.  Expecting the worst I started thinking that I would need a sys state recovery but then decided to simply uninstall the POP3 service, restart and all was back to normal, whew!  I only mention this because you said that you had configured a mail server pop3 and it sounded as though you ma be experiencing something similar to what I went through.  Now, can someone tell me how to get the Exchange pop3 service installed?

msXchanger -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (21.Nov.2007 3:49:34 PM)

I would certainly appreciate the help A, however tomorrow is a national holiday here in the states, right around eatin' time too.  How about Friday?

a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (22.Nov.2007 4:10:52 AM)

Yes, mate Friday around 12:30 (GMT) - I hope that all of you States side have a good day.



msXchanger -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (26.Nov.2007 9:35:52 AM)

Ok... what are my options at this point?  Do I just remove the server in Exchange System Manager and start over?

a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (26.Nov.2007 9:39:09 AM)

Hiya chap, this is why I offered the remote session, are you ok for that a little later tonight?



msXchanger -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (26.Nov.2007 9:44:57 AM)

I know, and I certainly appreciate the offer, however, faced with the Holiday weekend, I was unable to participate this past Friday.  At this point, I'm in serious trouble [:@] and need to get the e-mail running... so depending on how much later you can offer your help, I'd certainly would be willing to take it. 

Thank you.

msXchanger -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (26.Nov.2007 10:02:13 AM)

How difficult would it be to relay/route our e-mails through another server on my network running XP and IIS 6.0?

a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (26.Nov.2007 10:07:50 AM)

Ok, its 15:06 here, I will be home from work at around 17:20 - would be able to do a session from 17:25 - not sure what time that would make it your end and if that is ok.

If you are interested then drop me a mail to the MSN address in my profile here.



a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (26.Nov.2007 3:43:16 PM)

Hello everyone, I have had a look at msXchanger's config and I have come to the following conclusion;
It would seem that data in the "configuration" partition of AD is not replicating to the IIS metabase on his server, which therefore is not updating any of the web settings in Exchange. I believe that this is being caused by an RPC rule for ISA server (which is installed on the same machine). Whereas I am familiar with ISA server, I would not consider myself an expert in any sense of the imagination therefore I was hoping that someone with more ISA experience could take over.

The server is an SBS instance, and I think that when msXchanger changed the IP address of the server it has upset the ISA (2004) configuration some how.



Rotorblade -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (27.Nov.2007 2:25:29 PM)


Read and replied to your post on

Just thought I would post the link so that the fine people on this site can follow it.

Keep up the good work!



a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (27.Nov.2007 2:35:47 PM)

Wow, Hiya Rotor - how cool is this!
Anyway - I am the chap that ms was working with - although I will need him to confirm I am pretty sure that it was SP1 for Windows.



Rotorblade -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (27.Nov.2007 2:45:13 PM)

Thanks, hopefully we can help get his issue resolved. Wanted to confirm the SP level before drawing to many conclusions. It sounds like classic RSS issue though. If not, we’ll need to dive into his ISA firewall policy.

Keep you posted,


Dave (RB)

a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (27.Nov.2007 2:47:19 PM)

Wish I could remember, I saw SP1 somewhere, but you never know - I agree it could possibly do that (how much egg on my face will I be looking at [:D]) - but that was the point of getting some fresh eyes.

We appreciate the help.



Rotorblade -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (27.Nov.2007 2:55:36 PM)

No problem, let's keep our fingers crossed! I Enjoy reading your Blog!


a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (27.Nov.2007 2:56:50 PM)

Thank you!

msXchanger -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (28.Nov.2007 12:50:42 PM)

These guys are the absolute best.  So far, nothing has changed, but fingers are crossed.

msXchanger -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (29.Nov.2007 1:47:01 PM)

Which would be the easiest way to move/migrate at least ESM to another machine?  Exmerge? Can I host the Exchange Server on a different machine than my IIS websites which may have dependancies on it, or do I have to move my IIS configs (which makes sense)?


a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (30.Nov.2007 3:06:13 PM)

Hiya mate, sorry for the delay - been working on a CCR issue.
If we are looking that that route - the best way would be to create a new Exchange server in the same organisation and move the mailboxes over - there is a defined process on how to do this - let me know if you would like to proceed and I will give you some pointers.


rghanim -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (3.Dec.2007 12:23:09 PM)

I installed Exchange on a server as a test server.  When i got the cd-rom i installed another copy that i registered for.  I couldn't delete and uninstall the old one and now it keeps reminding me that this old server will expire in 60 days.  Is there anyway i could run some cleanup on active directory to delete all references to the old server and what will happen when the 60 days expire will the new server stop working i am afraid this will affect the new server.

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