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Exchange.Specialist -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (4.Dec.2007 1:25:23 AM)

Great working guys. just wanted to add an input (damn though it might be a lot late) some where some one mentioned that information from AD is not getting replicated to IIS Metabase - check for event viewer and see if you are getting any event based upon MSExchangeMU as source. If thats the case take IIS Backup and delete DS2MB key in ExMetaBase Checker, - Restart SA service and AD and IIS should be in sync {Now, just to accept that im not a champ in ISA so not sure if IIS would even play any role in it , so if it does my advice would stand nullified :) }

Also, one more point to make - why hasnt any one checked in DNS do we have the old IP address also registered wit the same server name..?

a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (4.Dec.2007 10:42:18 AM)

Hiya Exchange, there was a single message from the MSExchangeMU service (it was the standard the Metabase Replication has failed 5 times in the last.....). msXChanger and I both deleted and refreshed to DS2MB keys. DNS was checked and the server was responding correctly. The odd thing was (and as stated by MSX) is that when you checked the IP addresses on the SMTP Virtual Server you did get the option of 2 totally unrelated IP addresses - but neither were the servers physical IP address.
I then checked the configuration of the SMTP server in AD using ADSI and the config is correct - however, looking at the Metabase (through Metabase Explorer) it is not correct. Having reviewed the config of the ISA server (which is located on the Exchange server - SBS) there is an odd looking RPC rule (which I think is interfering with DS2MB replication - but, alas my ISA is not as good as some others). So msX has been looking at moving his Exchange to other Hardware (all things consider might not be a bad idea) - but all suggestions to fix are welcome as it has been an interesting one this. [;)]

Exchange.Specialist -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (6.Dec.2007 1:03:56 AM)

No more posting yet...???

a.grogan -> RE: Reinstall Exchange... (6.Dec.2007 4:18:41 AM)

Nope, Haven't heard from msX since my last post.



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