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djfisher -> login OK OWA won't open (16.Nov.2007 10:11:42 AM)

I have a problem causing great pain.  In a remote location a PC will not open OWA (exch 2K server).  The login appears and the credentials accepted, but after that the web interface does not load.  OWA does work in other locations.  A second OWA organization (e2k3) was tested on this PC and it too failed but a third org (e2k3) was tested and it worked.
To further complicate, a laptop which works in other location fails to work in this location but a different laptop connected to the OWA server with no problem.
I ran wireshark on the PC (laptops unavailable) and noticed "http/1.1 401 access denied (text/html)" as well as "http/1.1 401 access denied, NTLM_challenge (text/html)" in several packets.
Any ideas would be helpful
in advance.

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