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gskawinski -> outbound mail problem (20.Nov.2007 10:18:52 AM)

I'm migrating from exch 2k to 2k7.  2k7 is installed using the "typical" configuration.  My domain has a single 2k3 dc and a few member servers.  A single forest and no child domains.  Pretty simple setup.
My problem is that outbound mail from a 2k7 mailbox doesn't get sent.  That is, mail to any another domain.  Mailflow within the domain is fine and the 2k7 mailbox receives email from other domains ok too.
No errors are generated for this.  I've looked at the hub transport and send connector settings.  Everything looks ok there.
Any ideas?

rishishah -> RE: outbound mail problem (20.Nov.2007 10:21:17 AM)

As there is no mention of Edge Transport in your e-mail did you install this role on a seperate 64Bit Server?

gskawinski -> RE: outbound mail problem (20.Nov.2007 11:08:53 AM)

No, I do not have a seperate edge transport server.  I assume that exch 2k will perform this role via the legacy routing connector.  How can I check this?

gskawinski -> RE: outbound mail problem (20.Nov.2007 1:34:44 PM)

After some more searching, it appears I have to create a Send Connector to send email to the internet. How would I do that?  Note that this would run alongside the old exchange server (which sends/receives the internet) while the migration is in progress.
In EMC I have tried: Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Send Connector.  There were no connectors listed.  I created one with the following characteristics:
Two address spaces - one being our domain and the other being "*".  Both are smtp.
Network - use DNS MX records.
Source Server - the exch 2k7 server.

This doesn't work.  Am I missing something?

Elan Shudnow -> RE: outbound mail problem (20.Nov.2007 8:35:59 PM)

You only need to have one namespace in that send connector to send to the internet.  It should be *.  You will also have to ensure you enable Anonymous.  You don't need to put in your domain's namespace as there are hidden Intra-Organization Send Connectors which allow Hub Transport servers to send to other Hub Transport servers.

gskawinski -> RE: outbound mail problem (21.Nov.2007 7:57:30 AM)

Thanks for the reply.
Is this where I would enable anonymous:
Server Configuration > Hub Transport > Default Receive Connector

I think there is a second issue here too.
I'm sending email to a yahoo.com account and the smtp log shows:
2007-11-21T12:44:46.224Z,test,08C9F8158FE228DE,2,,,<,421 Message from ( temporarily deferred - 4.16.50. Please refer to http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/defer/defer-06.html
Maybe I don't have the public dns set properly for exch 2k7?

Elan Shudnow -> RE: outbound mail problem (21.Nov.2007 9:47:48 AM)

In order to receive internet mail, you need to enable Anonymous on the Receive Connector.  I norder to send internet mail, you need to enable Anonymous on a custom-created Send Connector.  You will want to make sure DNS IPs for that Exchange server are pointed to a DNS server in your organization that can provide recursion (process of resolving internet DNS names to IPs).

I'm assuming you do not have an edge server, and if that is the case, follow these instructions to establish internet mail flow:

gskawinski -> RE: outbound mail problem (21.Nov.2007 12:42:22 PM)

Thanks for the reply.
I had most of it configured, but not all.  The link you provided fixed things up.
Thanks again!

Elan Shudnow -> RE: outbound mail problem (21.Nov.2007 1:16:44 PM)

You're welcome.  Glad to hear everything worked out well for you.

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