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habibalby -> Auto Forward to External Emails (22.Nov.2007 6:07:01 AM)

I have a problem of being forwarding my emails to External Emails, for instans. Suppose i have received emails from internal user and i was out of the office, i have an Auto Forward rules that forwarding all emails to my external email or

Earlier, these Auto Forwarding was working perfectly however after changing the setup  me and other users are not getting the emails delivered to external domains.


Internal Network:
  1.    Exchange Server 5.5 with IMS Connector that route the emails to SMTP Server in the Internal Network.
  2. The SMTP Server is configured with win2k withh an IIS and Virtual SMTP Server installed.
  3. SMTP Server configured to receive emails from Exchange Server and forwarding them to the IMSS which is in the DMZ Network.
DMZ Network:
  1. IMSS Server configured to route SMTP Traffic to SMTP Server which is located in the Internal Network.
  2. SMTP Server will forward the messages to the Exchange Server also in the Internal Network.
Sending normal messages from Internal to External is working perfectly without any issue. But the AutoForwar Rule to send to the External Emails are not working. And I don't mailback annoucement or NDR. I dunno where are the messages going!!!

Any help?


zbnet -> RE: Auto Forward to External Emails (28.Nov.2007 4:12:55 AM)

Have you reapplied the tick to the box "Disable automatic replies to the internet" on the Advance options button of the 'Internet Mail' tab of the IMS?  That would stop them from being sent, and it doesn't NDR them.

habibalby -> RE: Auto Forward to External Emails (28.Nov.2007 5:09:56 AM)

Hi, Thanx for replying me. No, i haven't checked that box, Actually, i want to allow them to be forwarded to external users who are already set as a Rule in Outlook.

Any idea?

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