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Andy Mac -> GFI / mail is stuck ! (26.Nov.2007 4:55:05 PM)

I have a scenario where the customer is moving from Ex2k3 to Ex2k7. There is a 2k7 mailbox server in place and functioning fine. This is subscribed to an Edge server in a perimeter network - again, apparantly working fine.
There is GFI mail essentials on the Edge server (customers choice and request !). The config was backed up from an existing GFI server and installed as per GFI instructions.
My issue is, that if I stop or disable GFI services, mailflow is fine and works as expected using Exchange-native mechanisms. However, when I start the services, all outbound mail ends up in a failedmails folder in the GFI folder of the Edge server. The GFI monitor shows messages as item unable to be processed, item not modified.
Please help ! I appreciate its 3rd party but at present GFI can't help. Anybody come across this ?


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