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BAdkins -> Authentication Prob between 2 hub servers - cannot send/receive. (27.Nov.2007 6:09:16 PM)

ServerMain------ ServerMain is a DC,hub/client access/mailbox server. 
EdgeServerMain--------  ServerMain is subscribed to EdgeServerMain

ServerDCSite2 ----- DC for Site2
All mail flows wonderfully and Domain info seems to replicate fine.

Then I added a Server to Site2:

Site2 -->
ServerDCSite2 ----- DC for Site2
ServerSite2 ----- NOT a DC, IS a hub/client access/mailbox/UM server.

I moved 1 mailbox (mine) to ServerSite2 and cannot send/receive mail although after reconfiguring Outlook to point to the new server, I am able to access my mailbox.

I got 3 messages from the internet at first, but I could not send mail to the internet.  Then I fiddled around and added some authentication methods, like Microsoft Exchange Server to the Receive connectors on both Hub Servers.

NOw I cannnot send or receive mail.

I am looking at the queue on ServerMain and it is showing an Error:
451 4.4.0 Primary target IP address responded with "454 4.7.0 Temporary authentication failure".

So, I've seem to have some kind of authentication problem between the 2 hub transport servers.

I am currently baffled!!!

BAdkins -> RE: Authentication Prob between 2 hub servers - cannot send/receive. (27.Nov.2007 8:54:45 PM)

Basic problem solved and I just wanted to post here for others who may have the problem.

My problem had to do with the FQDN of the Receive Connectors on my Hub Servers.

As long as I only had 1 hub server there was apparently no problem.

Once I introduced another hub server and it needed to route via active directory, it mattered what FQDN was on the receive connectors.

I had changed them to "" and it would only work if i used the actual host name of the Exchange servers i.e. "".

Now I am able to send/receive within my orgainization and I can send/receive email to the Internet on the Server with the Edge Subscription.

As of now however, the mailboxes on the non-edge subscribed servers can only receive internet mail and cannot send it.  i don't understand this since exchange is able to route from the edge server to the subscribed hub and over to the destination hub.  It somehow is currently unable to go the other direction.

I'm still working on it though and will open another thread.

At least if I solve my own problems and post them here somebody else may eventually benefit.


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