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zia_khan2k -> s book issue in MS Exchange 2007/Outlook (1.Dec.2007 5:49:45 AM)

Dear Friends, We hav recently installed Exchange 2007, it works great, but got one silly problem. Sometimes when people send mail autopicing the recipient ID, it make a space in email ID, for example: zia.khan@mydomain. com, it picks zia.khan@my domain.com or zia.kh an@mydomain. com This is error: Diagnostic information for administrators:Generating server: Exch-2k7-01. mobycapital. comJahid.Mohseni@ mob ycapital.com
#550 5.1.3 STOREDRV.Submit; invalid recipient address #SMTP#  What could be the issue?Thanks,Zia

rishishah -> RE: s book issue in MS Exchange 2007/Outlook (3.Dec.2007 6:05:06 AM)

I had this same problem with Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007.

However as it only happened to a few users about three times a week or so i did not worry much about it.

Than when i installed SP1 for Exchange 2007 i have noticed that this issue has not occured at all. I am still testing but for the past 4 days nothing as yet.

I know this is not much help, but maybe the SP fixed this issue.

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