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wade001 -> public folder replication issue (1.Dec.2007 1:15:20 PM)

I  have introduced a new Ex03 server to replace an existing one.  Added replica copies of all PFs to the new server and replication seemed to be occuring.  Matching folder by folder several folder of variuos sizes on the old server report 0 size and have no content aviable to the users on the new server.  I have verified that there are not any message size limts that could be preventing replication.  It just seems to be a select few folders not replicating althoug the status read insync.  Of 3 GB we have 2 GB of content replicated any help would be aprreciated...

Exchange.Specialist -> RE: public folder replication issue (1.Dec.2007 5:52:26 PM)

First Question: Do all the PF selected have replica list populated with new server.

Second Question: Are you comparing the EDB + STM size of the old and new server (If yes please do not do the same since PF Database might have white spaces created after some deletion of data)

Third Question: Try to use the resend changes option on the Folders container in ESM connecting to the old server.

Fourth Question: Have you tried modifying any content within any of the PF which is not replicating

wade001 -> RE: public folder replication issue (3.Dec.2007 12:56:56 PM)

First Question = Yes
Second question = No.  Verifing through ESM pub instances and on Public folder replication status
Third question  = Yes at the Top Folder Level
Forth question = no

Solution we found was based on your suggestions thanks.  We found that we had to select the resend option on each individual folder that had zero content on the replica server.  Performing this option and using the MAX vaule for "send changes in number of days"  setting seemed to have force the replication to occur.  We found this to be very weird behavior and are not completly sure what the issue was.  adding new content to these folders on the old server does replicate to the new one now..

Exchange.Specialist -> RE: public folder replication issue (6.Dec.2007 2:18:08 AM)

Its not weird, the logic behind the same is that PF always replicate using cn value, so today if a PF store which is on server A has a PF added (that increases its cn value) and that forces the other server to accept the new changes made immediately.

Hope that clears the doubt.

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