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alvesva -> Not able to send email - Urgent (4.Dec.2007 10:10:09 AM)

Big problem.  I install Exch2k7 per specifications for migration.  no error messages.  Applied SP1, again no errors.  Moved my mailbox to 2k7 server.  I receive emails fine, but cannot send emails.  No error messages, tracking cannot find them either.  Other user in the org are receiving NDR with error cannot find recipient, message delayed, etc..  It seems like DNS errors, but dns is setup on the server and the server send connector is set to use the DNS to send email automatically.  I followed this article, but not joy.  I'm getting a lot call with undeliverables and I need urgent help....

rishishah -> RE: Not able to send email - Urgent (4.Dec.2007 11:19:24 AM)

So you have set up a send connector to send mail out via the Hub Transport.

Are you 100% sure your hub transport server can go out to the internet over port 25 and it can resolve MX records correctly.

If you do a set q=mx within nslookup do you resolve mx records for other external domains? Is you DNS server set up to check your ISP's DNS server for any external resolution?

Try telnet serverip 25 from your exchange server to another mail server on the internet and see if you get an smtp header back.

alvesva -> RE: Not able to send email - Urgent (4.Dec.2007 11:35:51 AM)

Thanks for the reply.  i just did a telnet 25 to an email server on the intenet, by name and connected fine.  The 2k7 server very diffrent from previous exch servers.  Not sure where to look.  My mailbox still on 2k7, I can receive messages fine, but when I email, myself or others, either within the org or the internet, the messages disapears.  no trace.  I tried tracking, I can't find it. I appreciate any thoughts...

alvesva -> RE: Not able to send email - Urgent (4.Dec.2007 12:02:34 PM)

further, Inslookup several domains, no problems.
Nothing in the firewall that would prevent email from going out from this server.


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