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mitch536 -> mutli ex2003 to one 2007 server (7.Dec.2007 5:00:28 PM)

We have 4 2003 exchange servers in 4 different sites.  We want to bring these servers in from the remote sites to our head office.  I am looking to install a single 2007 server can I still have just one server with 4 OU's in AD?  Also we have 325 mailboxs through out the company is one server going to handle the load or should we look at a cluster.


Henrik Walther -> RE: mutli ex2003 to one 2007 server (9.Dec.2007 5:59:37 AM)

One Exchange 2007 multi-role server should have no problem handling 325 mailboxes, if you're using realtively new hardware.

I can recommend you check out the following section in the Exchange 2007 documentation, which provides detailed and precise guidance in regards to storage CPUs, RAM requiements for each server role:

mitch536 -> RE: mutli ex2003 to one 2007 server (26.Dec.2007 2:45:28 PM)


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