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onufr -> Change expired password in OWA 2007 (10.Dec.2007 8:50:15 PM)

We have a 4 Exchange 2007 (Rollup 5) servers in one organization. Users may use OWA in normal way without problems.

The situation changed, when we decide to enforce more secure policy and start to use password expiration, password complexity and other standard Windows 2003 R2 features.

New password policy affects OWA users - they may use their mailboxes via OWA, change passwords via OWA (works well!) , but if password expired, or newly created user set to "must change password at logon', OWA users will not log into OWA anymore. Imagine situation, when someone went to holidays or business trip and password expires - user will not log to OWA, and do not have a possibility to change password remotely.

I read a tons of KB, but situation still unclear - what steps I must to do exactly to allow user with expired password, or newly created user set/change passwords via OWA 2007?

MS KB 297121 mention Exchange up to 2003, but not 2007.

If someone may clear the situation or explain, it will be very helpful.

- updated -

After enable ASP in IIS Manager, password change pages loads without 404 error. Who wrote this KB... so unclear. But I still have error mentioning unsecure connection, because actual pwd change script redirects to http not https URL.

ntripp -> RE: Change expired password in OWA 2007 (9.Feb.2010 2:32:05 PM)

We're having this issue too.  If I check "Must Change Password on Logon" or the Password expires user cannot login.

Also no message / dialog is sent to users connecting with Outlook client about password expiration.  Users just stop being able to connect!

We're still in the process of testing the server we will migrate users to and until we get this ironed out we are not going to be able to migrate them.

rattle2k -> RE: Change expired password in OWA 2007 (15.Jun.2010 5:50:03 AM)

"Unfortunately Microsoft does not have that option. If you ser user must change password next logon, the user will never be able to login through OWA, he/she must logonthe network to change the pasword. But you can set the password age, let's say for 3 months, then your users will receive a message about the password change when they logon to OWA and they will be able to change it through OWA if everything is setup properly.
As i said, if you choose user must change password the next logon, it will not work."

By isaman07 @ Experts-exchange

Super3 -> RE: Change expired password in OWA 2007 (18.Oct.2011 3:32:54 PM)

This can easily be done if you have Exch2007 with SP3 or higher.
Or Exch2010 SP1 or higher.

It will work if password is expired, OR if the AD User object is set to "user must change password at next login".

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