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afitz -> Where to put ISA 2006 (16.Dec.2007 9:15:58 PM)

You helped me in past, getting my Exchange off my DC. Worked perfectly for a year.  Was using basic firewall, and needed to get my workers working so we  purchased ISA 2006, and they say not to put on DC, and am lost as to where I should put ISA. Installed on DC any ways, was working, and than purchased trainsignal ISA and was told to put Ex on perimeter. Is this possible with ISA on DC and only two servers?? As you can tell I am no guru by any means, yet know one little misclick on my DC, we can be down for weeks, rather than a weekend. I know the workers are finally working as their web browsing has basically halted. OMA, OWA and AS is all working, and fear what will happen next.  Any direction would be appreciated.

mark@mvps.org -> RE: Where to put ISA 2006 (18.Dec.2007 11:00:14 AM)

Your design should look something like this. You have either a hardware firewall or ISA right at the edge. Then a different network card from the ISA connects to the LAN. You then have a DC and an Exchange server on the LAN. You're in a three box solution.
I'm not sure what else you're asking unless you're asking whether you need two or three boxes for ISA.
If you are short of cash/capacity/whatever then Exchange on a DC is perfectly fine; after all, SBS from MS is exactly that. Whatever you do the ISA should be on a separate box and should, ideally (I emphasise) have a couple of NICs.

afitz -> RE: Where to put ISA 2006 (23.Dec.2007 12:24:39 AM)

2 Nics or just the one?  All is working on network accept access to exchange. ISA is denying now. Heads to corner with dunce cap

afitz -> RE: Where to put ISA 2006 (23.Dec.2007 12:26:05 AM)

Thinking should get a new server for exchange, and do it  right.

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