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John Weber -> announce only mailbox (20.Dec.2007 11:02:41 PM)

oh great ones...

how can I create a mailbox that would only PLAY a greeting and not allow for the leaving of a message?  Such as an announce only box that would be used for dial in reasons.


ochimo -> RE: announce only mailbox (5.Nov.2009 2:51:15 PM)

I would like to know if this is possible? And how?

ochimo -> RE: announce only mailbox (5.Nov.2009 2:51:53 PM)

2x post sorry

texeric -> RE: announce only mailbox (9.Nov.2009 1:31:10 PM)

I would use an Auto Attendant for that purpose.

ochimo -> RE: announce only mailbox (9.Nov.2009 1:55:29 PM)

SO make a unified Messaging AA just for 1 number to respond when someone calls it? Kind of odd if I have say a dozen numbers that should play a MSG and then hang up

PBXadmin -> RE: announce only mailbox (5.Dec.2012 12:37:52 PM)

If you are like my company the message that is delivered needs to be changed by someone at various times and if you use an AA this is very ackward. With the AA you need to record the message, go to the server and upload it, and then modify the AA to run the message. A voicemail box would be better but we have not figured out how to block the messages left from the users except to limit their retention time.

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