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tomt -> Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 8:01:51 AM)

I ran into a situation yesterday on a user account which was corrupt and had to be deleted from AD (Win 2003).  However, her mailbox was not deleted from Exchange (2003).  When the user was recreated, a new mailbox was also created for her using her original username.  Now there are two mailboxes with the same username. 

Is it possible to connect the user to her old mailbox?  I tried adding the mailbox to her Outlook but it tells me the user "has already been added to the mailbox list" since she's using the same name.  If she can't be connected to her old mailbox, is there any way that mailbox can be recovered then imported into her Outlook?


ismail.mohammed -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 8:12:57 AM)

hi mate,

User A Deleted...
So in Exchange : User A mailbox will be disconnected.

When you create a User A account with mailbox you will see (new mailbox) and disconnected mailbox also.

So what you need to do here is:
UserA => Properties => Exchange Task => remove Exchange Attributes.

After this you will two mailbox disconnected

Right click the old mailbox and click on connect : add userA as a association for that mailbox.

This should resolve your issue.

tomt -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 8:36:20 AM)

Great.  Thanks.  That worked however, when I open Outlook now I get a message that says..."Exchange is working in recovery mode. You can either connect to the Exchange server using the network, work offline, or cancel this logon."  When I click on Connect, it connects to the mailbox but I only see a few of her emails, not all 4000+ emails she has in there.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 8:40:20 AM)


Open the outlook => File => Work Offline => Uncheck it.

it should show you whatever the message you have in the exchange server. Just re-confirm it.

Did any rules configured?

tomt -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 8:55:28 AM)

I don't see Work Offline under File.  In the lower right, it shows she is Onlie however, I can't left click that to bring up it's context menu.  Could it just be taking a long time for her messages to get in?  But if that were the case wouldn't I see some progress?

I'm not sure that she had any rules configured but I don't think so.

tomt -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 9:05:17 AM)

I think I know what's happening.  Earlier, when I was in System Manager, I noticed the user's mailbox had a red X on it like it was to be deleted.  Once I reconnected the user to the mailbox, the red X went away and now I'm getting messages in Outlook saying Exchange is "in recovery mode".

Is it possible Exchange had flagged the mailbox and it's contents to be deleted but when I reconnected the user Exchange had to remove the "flag" from the mailbox  thus "recovering" the mailbox and it's contents?

Does that make sense?

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 9:07:13 AM)


When you open the outlook and click on file
you willl see down key arrow mark just below exit option, click on that down key arrow mark you will able to see "work offline" make sure that is unchecked.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 9:10:16 AM)

You are right
When you disconnect the mailbox, it will be marked for delention and kept in the server database till the retention period get expired.

tomt -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 9:20:08 AM)

Ok, great.  Thanks.  It's odd that the Work Offline is not showing up under File.  Perhaps this has to do with the Exchange being in "recovery" mode and it doesn't give her the option.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 10:17:35 AM)

lets wait till it recover.

djalil -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 5:34:10 PM)

I don't think it will. I may be wrong but if I remember correctly Recovery Mode is just a temporary way of recovering the user's emails manually (so you can run Outlook and copy the mails to a local folder).

I think your best bet is not to reconnect a mailbox to the new account but simply to use EXMERGE to extract emails from the old mailbox to a PST file, and then to import it back into the new mailbox.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Deleted user account (28.Dec.2007 11:04:36 PM)


User mailbox got disconnected, so inorder to get back the mail he needs to connect to the mailbox
Once he is able to connect it through outlook and able to see all mails why we need of exmerge.

Exmerge will take the mail into pst as you said but how it will get all mails because user is already connected to the mailbox and able to connect through outlook. Moreover if i want to take pst it should be my last step because it will loose my single instance.

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