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ActionSteve -> GFI Mail Archiver (22.Jan.2008 7:20:52 AM)


I'm thinking of using GFI Mail Archiver.  I was wondering if someone could tell me if it's better to use an SQL database with it (which I have access to) or to use the built in firebird database?

Also, is it best to install the MailArchiver program on the actual Exchange server or on the SQL server (if using SQL)?

And finally, would anyone suggest that I definately don't use GFI Mail Archiver?



a.grogan -> RE: GFI Mail Archiver (26.Jan.2008 12:25:25 PM)

Hiya Steve, GFI MA is a pretty good product for SME's so I think that you are more than safe to use it.

In terms of where you should install it, and the database question I think that they are interlinked to a certain degree.
What I would do is, if your Exchange server is relatively happy with its current load then install the GFI binaries in the server - but offload the data processing to the SQL server that you have.

Hope that helps.



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