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albracco -> RPC over HTTPS issue (29.Jan.2008 2:20:27 PM)

Windows 2003 SBS, all latest updates and service packs. SSL certificate from Rapid SSL. OWA works fine over Https (from LAN & WAN). Trying to get Outlook working via HTTPS. Have done this before with straight Exchange 2003, first time with SBS. Ran the email/internet wizard. I have the correct registry parameter for "NSPI interface protocol services". Using Basic authentication, but doesn't seem to want to work. From LAN, outlook.exe /rpcdiag shows it is using TCPIP.  From outside, when I get the username/password prompt, it doesn't connect and says the server is unavailable. Ran rpcping and received an exception 1722 message. Ran rpcdump, and saw that some items appear to be listening and others are "unknown" - not really sure which ones I should be looking at, anyway.

Any suggestions?

albracco -> RE: RPC over HTTPS issue (29.Jan.2008 3:07:32 PM)

More info:

From internet explorer, https:/mailserver/rpc prompts for domain/user/password. After entering, I get the expected 403 forbidden error.

In IIS, RPC properties, enable anonymous access is unchecked and Basic Authentication is checked.

path of the Rpcproxy.dll file is correct

leungda -> RE: RPC over HTTPS issue (16.Jun.2008 9:46:13 AM)

If you using RPC over HTTP on server 2003, you "MUST" apply a commerical certificate for exchange. If you using build in (self-signed) certificate. it WILL NEVER work.

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