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z00lander -> Picking up the pieces (13.Feb.2008 12:37:28 PM)

Recently we had an employee deploy a new 2007 Exchange server, which replaced a 2003 box and everything appeared to work ok.  All the mailbaoxes were migrated and he assured everyone that all was good.  Well, he quit a month later and we discovered some things that are not working as they should.  For instance, we cannot shut down the old server, if we do external outgoing mail is not delivered.  I have also found many contacts and mailboxes that show errors when trying to look at properties and the email address policy is uneditable with 2007 (wasn't updated?).  The most important is the external email issue; is there something not set up correctly?  Thanks for all the help.

z00lander -> RE: Picking up the pieces (13.Feb.2008 1:08:43 PM)

This is an update on my original post; the old server is 2000 not 2003.  Sorry for the mistake. 

tfd6412 -> RE: Picking up the pieces (13.Feb.2008 1:10:31 PM)

The internet mail issue is most likely a connector issue.  What send/receive connectors do you have enabled on the Hub Transport (2007) server?


z00lander -> RE: Picking up the pieces (13.Feb.2008 1:23:17 PM)

Sorry for the newbie-ness of this response but this is what I found:

Under Organization Config/Hub Transport/Send Connectors: Internet Send Connector

Under Server Config/Hub Transport/Receive Connectors: Client servername and Default servername

Is this what you were asking for?  If not, tell me where to find the information.

tfd6412 -> RE: Picking up the pieces (13.Feb.2008 2:49:28 PM)

Cool.  Couple more questions:

1.  Are you using an Edge Transport server (should have asked this one right off the bat)

2.  In the "Address Space" tab of the send connector, under the "Specify the address space(s) to which this connector will route mail", is the "Address" field set to * with a cost of 1?

If incoming mail is also affected, check the "Permissions Group" tab of the properties of your default send connector and make sure the "Anonymous Users" box is checked.  Also, don't be afraid to fire up the Mail Flow Tools to help troubleshoot mail delivery issues.  For some reason, I see too many people kind of blow these tools off. 

Here's an outstanding TechNet article showing you how to decomission the last legacy Exchange server from your 2007 org.  Click here

Sembee -> RE: Picking up the pieces (13.Feb.2008 3:27:21 PM)

I would suggest going over the Technet article linked to above (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb288905.aspx) very carefully. Migration is not just a matter of moving the mailboxes, there are a lot of other things, such as the system folders and OAB generatation that has to be moved.

The send connectors is probably what has caught you out - it does for a lot of people. They don't realise it is there or configured to send email through the Exchange 2003 server. Check the server setting is correct.


z00lander -> RE: Picking up the pieces (13.Feb.2008 3:30:35 PM)

Ok, I checked the settings; we don't use an Edge Server (not quite sure what that is) and Address field is set to * with a value of smtp.  I don't know what you are referring to as far as the cost value.

I don't believe that incoming mail is a problem, so we can leave that alone for now.  I also found that article and it looks good but being a newb it will be a challenge as I don't want to mess anything up so it doesn't work at all.

Sembee -> RE: Picking up the pieces (13.Feb.2008 3:58:15 PM)

You are going to have to complete that article if you want to remove the server. Otherwise you will have to call in outside assistance.


tfd6412 -> RE: Picking up the pieces (13.Feb.2008 4:09:04 PM)

Yeah, I'm gonna have to echo that.  To be blunt, if you have reservations about completing the steps in that article, you need to bring in a consultant.  Simon maybe?  [;)]

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