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mameisberger -> Upgrade 2 SCC clusters E2k7 to SP1 Question (15.Feb.2008 3:21:23 PM)

We have two eight node E2k7 clusters in an SCC configuration built with 6 CAS and 4 HT servers.  We currently have a few hundred users on one of the clusters but none on the other.  We would like to upgrade the CAS and HT and one cluster to SP1 and test it before moving the users to it.  Then we would upgrade the other cluster.  Will this present any problems with only part of our system upgraded for a period of time?


Sembee -> RE: Upgrade 2 SCC clusters E2k7 to SP1 Question (16.Feb.2008 10:04:12 AM)

The only answer I can give on that question is maybe.

The rule with upgrades is that ALL CAS servers have to be updated to the service pack before any mailbox servers are updated - as CAS needs to be the same or HIGHER than the Mailbox server. You cannot have Mailbox Servers that are a higher version than the CAS.

Now if you can control the users in such a way that only those who have their mailboxes on an updated Mailbox Server will access a specific CAS, then you could get away with it. However if the users access any CAS then you will have to update them all before any Mailbox servers are updated.

Having mixed CAS is fine, as long as the Mailbox Servers are not touched.


mameisberger -> RE: Upgrade 2 SCC clusters E2k7 to SP1 Question (16.Feb.2008 11:41:45 AM)

Thanks for your reply.

Our current plan is to upgrade ALL CAS, then all HT, then the first cluster.  At that point we will move a few users to the SP1 cluster for possibly two weeks to test reliability while the remaining users stay on the non-upgraded cluster. 
then we would move them all and upgrade the non-upgraded cluster. Under that scenario, will there be any issues between the two groups of users or between those groups and the 2003 users still on our connected E2k3 system?

Sembee -> RE: Upgrade 2 SCC clusters E2k7 to SP1 Question (17.Feb.2008 12:57:38 PM)

As long as CAS are upgraded before anything else, then you shouldn't have any problems with compatibility because it will always go backwards on compatibility.

You can mix and match the mailbox servers without any issues.


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