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cabledguy2006 -> Decommission Exchange 2003 cluster (19.Feb.2008 11:16:21 PM)

Hi All

I have to decommission a 3 node AAP exch 2003 cluster and can't seem to find an MS doc on it. My game plan was:

Check the roles e.g. routing group master - transfer if required.
Uninstall Exchange from the Virtual Servers First
Then decommission the cluster.  Remove the MTA resource last.
Then uninstall exchange from the physical servers.
Anyone have any thoughts or links?  Thanks.

ahanbali -> RE: Decommission Exchange 2003 cluster (20.Feb.2008 6:09:14 AM)

You must uninstall Exchange 2003 as you would from a stand-alone server
But before move all Exchange V Server to other nodes and move all important resources to other nodes.

anyway check these articles...

cabledguy2006 -> RE: Decommission Exchange 2003 cluster (20.Feb.2008 10:41:53 PM)

Thanks Abdelrahim
I'd actually read one of those articles but missed a link.

Now that sorts out exchange but I need to decommission the whole windows 2003 cluster - we're going to reinstall the servers to make sure they're clean.  Do you have a link on that?

ahanbali -> RE: Decommission Exchange 2003 cluster (21.Feb.2008 2:33:07 AM)

To reset a node to a fresh state with no cluster information, open a command line and type the following command:
cluster node <node name> /forcecleanup

Noting that you can not uninstall cluster but you can reset it to unconfigured state check this article:

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