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klaus08 -> SPAM (21.Feb.2008 1:37:52 PM)

Hi all I have Exchage 2007 through ISA 2006
I have noticed that I receive a large amounts of SPAM. Apparently that is sending from my server to accounts of active directory users

Analize messages receive on the console Exchange with the tool Massage Tracking Results and this is the part of result.

Sender          ClienIP     ClientHostname  Serverip    ConectorId      ReturPath                        mail\Defaul                               mail\Defaul  EventId         Source      SourceCode       MesageId

RECEIVE       SMTP        
RECEIVE       STOREDRIVER                         7B9981A38CC509B@mai.dom.comRECEIVE       SMTP           08CA3DC9B8413E20; 
Data:Mail Server IP:        Isa Server IP: Name Domain:      Name Server: mail Is an account to my active directory  Only the second mesagge is not spam.
 HOW STOP THIS!!  Thanks. 

Jesper Bernle -> RE: SPAM (22.Feb.2008 5:10:12 PM)

To begin with - what AntiSpam features do you have in your Exchange Organization?
  • Edge Transport or ...
  • Hub Transport with AntiSpam-agents installed or ...
  • 3rd-party AntiSpam solution or ...
  • Hosted Filtering of some kind

klaus08 -> RE: SPAM (25.Feb.2008 10:41:13 AM)

I have only one server with Hub Transport with AntiSpam agents install, enable and configured by default
and GFI mail security with mail essetials in the same server that exchange.

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