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advitar84 -> question moving away from 5.5 (25.Feb.2008 7:14:06 PM)

We have run /domainprep and /forestprep and ran the ADC.  While installing exchange 2003 when we point it to our 5.5 server to join the existing org .  we get the following permissions error.
- To ugrade your microsoft exchange 5.5 server or add a new server to an existing microsoft exchange site, the account you are logged on as a must have admin permissions on the site and configuration objects.

ismail.mohammed -> RE: question moving away from 5.5 (26.Feb.2008 5:11:18 AM)


You need to have that user to be part to Exchange 5.5 service account rights in the following phase:
Org level (in exchange 5.5)
Configuration or site level
and then the server level

Confirm the above

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