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uhs74 -> OWA 2007 Customization: Add Forms and Buttons in Toolbar (29.Feb.2008 10:41:33 PM)

Create an OWA (Outlook Web Access) Add in or customizing OWA Same as Outlook (2003, 2007) add in for Window Desktop Where we can trap event likes sending/receiving of mail and execute our code. And also add new button in toolbar.
For OWA 2007

I am not sure upto which level it is possible
Consider following use case:

User open browser and give url to check email form exchange server (i.e. http://owa.xyz.com/exchange/)
User click on new button to create a mail
User completed the mail with all details ( To,CC and body of mail)
User Click on Send button
Instead of sending message in normal flow based on business logic Custom Form will pop up (form with some controls)  -
User will fill data based on form fields
User can have 2 option on form ( Cancel and OK)
Cancel will not send the message and user will remain on same mail page
On click of OK   do process on email metdata and email will send to the targeted persons
Add buttons in existing Toolbar of OWA - (i.e near "New" button or On new mail window - near "send" button) 
you can think similar to spell check tool in OWA to visualize the use case.
i have gone through  some links - but still not got any helpfull information.
Thanks in advacne.
In suggestion and input will be very helpfull.

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