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hdamis -> Please Help, old password still works (14.Mar.2008 11:06:25 AM)

Old password still works after you change it through Outlook Web Access. -> RE: Please Help, old password still works (14.Mar.2008 11:57:03 AM)

This is many years old.
A: With both Basic and Anonymous authentication, the user's logon credentials are cached on IIS for 15 minutes. If you make a change to the user's password, and the user has logged onto IIS within the 15 minutes of the password change, IIS will accept the old password until the cache is updated. This problem can also appear if you add a user to a group and their group memberships are not updated until the cache is refreshed. You can force a cache update by stopping and starting IIS.
IIS caches these credentials (Basic and Anonymous authenticated users) to improve performance. If the cache were not present, authentication would need to reoccur with every access, which could significantly reduce performance.
You can control the amount of time credentials are cached. In some circumstances, you may wish to adjust the amount of time upward or downward from the default of 15 minutes. To make this adjustment, follow the instructions in Microsoft Knowledge Base article Changing the Default Interval for User Tokens in IIS.
Note that the minimum value for IIS 4 is 30 seconds, which means that setting it to zero will still default to 30 seconds. For IIS 5, the minimum value is 1 second and if set to zero will still be 1 second. It is necessary to restart IIS for any of these changes to take effect.
IIS 6 is a bit different, in that a zero value results in disabling the cache. In this case you will need to recycle the proper application pool to update the cache. Additionally, you do not need to reboot the server after making the registry changes."

hdamis -> RE: Please Help, old password still works (14.Mar.2008 6:05:24 PM)

Thanks Mark,
But I did that and no changed, it still save password . how to change it on IIS 7

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