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davep787 -> Help! PSTs in archives? (15.Mar.2008 7:39:34 PM)

We were hoping to get rid of PST files by using an archiving product. 

But the process leaves a shortcut/stub on the user's exchange server so that counts against the user's mailbox size.  While the shortcut/stub is smaller that the original complete email would be, it still means that Exchange mailboxes and stores would always be growing as users add more to their personal archive.

The archive server was to be the PST replacement, but once we got into the details, it isn't just the archive server but also the Exchange server needs that grow.

Is it different in other archive products?   


flowcom1 -> RE: Help! PSTs in archives? (15.Mar.2008 9:31:48 PM)

We use GFI mailarchiver.  It is a lot different.  It is completely separate than each user mailbox.  You can have it set to store the mail in a SQL database or within a self-contained access database.   If the user want to retreive archived mail the would log onto the the web application that is GFI interface and from there they can retrieve, browse through the emails.  In my opinion, its a great archive program.   You can check it out at
They have great customer support too. 

vellad -> RE: Help! PSTs in archives? (27.Aug.2008 3:32:34 AM)


Yes - with GFI MailArchiver you do not need to leave any stubs in the users' mailbox.

Also as from v6 (to be released next week) - the product will have Outlook Integration without using the concept of stubs.

We took considerable engineering effort to develop a MAPI store provider to plug-in into Outlook.

David Vella - GFI -> RE: Help! PSTs in archives? (27.Mar.2009 5:03:58 PM)

Yeah, stubbing is not recommended. This product is about to be released and it will be easy and on the cheap!

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