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dcullen -> Uninstalling AD from an Exchange server (17.Mar.2008 4:26:13 AM)

HI, ive recently started at a new site where they have installed exchange 2000 and Windows 2000 AD on the same server.

I trying to upgrade to Exchange 2007, but am experiencing issues with having AD installed on the exchange servers. 

I have installed 2 new AD servers on Windows 2003 SP2 to enable me to install Exchange 2007 but it seems i need to remove the old AD environments

I have read in a few places that if AD has been installed on an exchange server to not remove it.

Does anyone have any instructions of how i might do this?

Than ks


Sembee -> RE: Uninstalling AD from an Exchange server (17.Mar.2008 8:33:15 AM)

If Exchange 2000 is on a domain controller then Exchange 2007 will more often than not fail to install correctly.
You will need at least one Windows 2003 domain controller to install Exchange 2007, and may find that using the command line to install with a specific domain controller listed that it may install.

Otherwise you are looking at having to move Exchange 2000 off that existing machine to another machine (running Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000) and then removing Exchange from the domain controller.
Do not think about removing the domain controller role from the Exchange 2000 server while Exchange is installed as that will break Exchange and is not supported.


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