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mark@greatlittlebox -> Custom Mail Box Folders (17.Mar.2008 1:29:58 PM)

Hi Everyone,

In my exchange 2007 setup I want to create a new folder in every users mail box called 'Company Internal Mail'. I then want to create a server rule that automatically moves any email from internal senders to the new folder in the users mail box. Is this even possible with out logging into every users account and manually creating the folder and setting up a rule??

I've read many articles on stuff like this but can't find any direct examples. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


John Weber -> RE: Custom Mail Box Folders (17.Mar.2008 1:42:16 PM)

create custom managed folder.
create managed folder policy.
assign policy to users.
Get Enterprise CAL so you are in compliance with MS licensing.

mark@greatlittlebox -> RE: Custom Mail Box Folders (17.Mar.2008 1:51:12 PM)

all of my licenses are std so i guess i can't do it that way. is there any way to accomplish this using the command shell and a batch script or something? -> RE: Custom Mail Box Folders (17.Mar.2008 1:53:37 PM)

Since SP1 you don't need an Enterprise CAL.

This is still a bad idea. The idea that John gives you is great for messages you want to (eventually) extract as part of an archiving process but for automated day to day delivery it's a bad solution to implement.

Let the users manage their own inboxes. They belong to the user and it's their job to work out. Let them have their own folder structure.

By all means set up MRM Message Records Management but not for stuff that's going straight into the mailboxes.

Too many people like you have, over the years, tried to manipulate users management of their own mailboxes. Everyone fails. You will fair no better.

mark@greatlittlebox -> RE: Custom Mail Box Folders (17.Mar.2008 1:58:35 PM)

lol, fair enough but i still feel that we would have some uses for it. So using MRM is the way to accomplish this then?

Can you help give me ideas on what i need to do. I tried setting up MRM before but I wasn't really sure what to do. -> RE: Custom Mail Box Folders (17.Mar.2008 2:13:15 PM)

MRM certainly has its place.
There isn't a great deal to it. Mainly from the Mailbox properties off the Org object in EMC:
1. Set up the Custom Managed Folders so that the archiving has somewhere to go.
2. Create the Managed Content Settings against the folders you want it to run against
3. Create the policy and add the folders you want to manage with that policy.
4. Tell the store when to run the MRM
5. Tell the user account what policy (only one per user) you're running against that mailbox.

Yeah, easy :-).
I think it's an awful layout but write it on a piece of paper and it makes sense.

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