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sfarmer -> IIS SMTP Lost emails (19.Mar.2008 3:27:21 PM)

Hello all,

I am having a heck of a time troubleshooting this issue.  We have a website out on our DMZ that sends email via the localhost (on IIS 6).  Emails sent to external addresses like Gmail or Yahoo are working however any email sent to an internal address are getting lost.  I'm not receiving any NDR on the web server and the email does not show up anywhere under message tracking on the Exchange '07 server.  I have created an acceptable domain under the Hub Transport section and gave the DMZ domain Internal Relay Permissions. (I have also tried Authoratative and External Relay Domain)

In addition I have created a receive connector with the IP address of the Web Server.

I'm stumped because there are no error messages, nothing in queue, nothing in message tracking, nothing on the firewall stating it's blocked.....basically nothing to go on.

Have any of you had a similar situation?  What am I missing?  It seems like Xchange is just dropping the email (I think) with no record of it.

I do have an Edge Server but nothing shows up in the logs there either...

I'm stumped.

John Weber -> RE: IIS SMTP Lost emails (19.Mar.2008 3:55:15 PM)

Can you telnet from the server in question to the Exchange hub transport?
How about to the Edge server?

telnet <servername> 25
telnet ipaddress 25

Then do a manual SMTP session and see what you get.
I am curious if the session establishes at all, or if it waits until your "mail from: joeblow@abc.com" gets entered.

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