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abqmail -> mail stuck in MapiDelivery Queue (20.Mar.2008 2:14:51 AM)

Here is a fun one some of you may have suggestions on:

         Exchange 2007 running since September of 07 with
         Symantec AV 10.x and Symantec Information Foundation Mail Security for Exchange installed since beginning.
         SP1 for exchange installed soon after release
         All production mailboxes moved to new server with no issues
         Cisco VoIP solution integrated to server a few weeks ago and working correctly
         Moved all production users to new phone system on March 14
         On March 17 messages start to get stuck in MapiDelivery queue and will not deliver to clients. 
         Outgoing messages send correctly.
         Applied rollup1 for exchange 2007 sp1 on evening of 17th
         On 18th, messages continue to get stuck in queue.
         Engage MS PSS and they proceed to check everything we have already looked at and can suggest no possible solutions thus far.

We discovered that when Symantec mail security services are set to manual or disabled and then the server is rebooted, the messages all move out of the mapidelivery queue and are delivered normally. Symantec services can then be started manually and will not affect message routing. If server is booted with Symantec services set to automatic then mail gets stuck in queue and many EXOLEDB and EXCDO errors appear in event logs.

         Uninstalled Symantec mail security software, rebooted server and messages route correctly.
         Installed latest version of Symantec mail security software and messages get stuck in queue on reboot.
         Set Symantec services to manual, rebooted server, no messages stuck in queue.
         Started Symantec services manually and messages continue to route correctly.

My install was stable until this last Monday so it does not make sense to me why the Symantec product would be so involved in disrupting mail at this time.

Any ideas?

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