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sanjudeep -> STORE.EXE CONSUMING HIGH CPU (21.Mar.2008 12:32:46 AM)

I have Two backend Exchange 2003 Servers with Symantec Client security for exchange installed on them. Suddenly from past 3-4 days One of my Backend server is performing very poorly, Things which i have noticed is.

1. Store.exe consuming 60 - 70% of CPU
2. Mails are stuckup in Pending submission Queue they flow very slowly
3. If the mails clear Pending submission queue they stuck up at Local Delivery and only after several hours the Queue gets cleared.
The Users have to wait long to receive their mails its really annoying..

Things i have done.
1. Restarted SMTP service
2. Stopped the Symantec Client Security for Exchange.
3. Restarted the Information Store Service.
But Still the problem occurs...
Any suggestion and help will be appriciated...
S G -> RE: STORE.EXE CONSUMING HIGH CPU (21.Mar.2008 3:38:58 AM)

I smell anti virus problems. Check the last signature update with when the problems started.
You should have a FE in the mix so make sure the A/V is ok on that and turn A/V off on the BEs.
On the FEs have you got the same A/V product and if so, are the messages running slowly through there?

sanjudeep -> RE: STORE.EXE CONSUMING HIGH CPU (21.Mar.2008 6:45:17 AM)

Well all the virus definition are up to date and on my Front End Server i have Antigen for Exchange there is no Symantec mail Security.
My BEs are having latest AV Definition files.
Let me inform you one more thing, this happens only at peak hours, Off peak hours its cool and the store.exe takes only 10 - 15% of CPU.


ismail.mohammed -> RE: STORE.EXE CONSUMING HIGH CPU (21.Mar.2008 8:53:34 AM)

hi mate,

As per Mark most of the time A/V is the one guy who use to determined as root cause.
But one of my question is what is the store.exe version? is it up-to-date with latest rollup or hotfix.
Can u post the store.exe version as well along with latest fix details if possible

sanjudeep -> RE: STORE.EXE CONSUMING HIGH CPU (21.Mar.2008 9:00:47 AM)

The Version of Store.exe is 6.5.7652.24, I have all the hotfixes installed, and there is not pending updates or hotfix for the BEs. If you think the AV is the culprit then how shall i identify it, coz i have stopped the AV service and checked, it process the queue but very very slow. .

ismail.mohammed -> RE: STORE.EXE CONSUMING HIGH CPU (21.Mar.2008 9:19:52 AM)

hi mate,

Store.exe is updated.
> Run Exbpa tool and follow the recommendation
> /3gb has been set?
> If you have windows 2003 sp2 then possiblities TCP chimney might be causing for more information on this

See this link :

As per your A/V : i use to disable for a time being to see the spike.

If it is still persisting then my suggestion would be calling up pss because they will take adplus dump and will analyze it.

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