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Greg59 -> smtp 554 5.6.1 (31.Mar.2008 6:33:35 AM)

Hello all,

I don't know how i can solve this error with Exchang 2007

"#< #5.6.1 smtp;554 5.6.1 Messages of type message/partial are not supported> #SMTP#"

This mail from an Aficio Ricoh MP Printer, when some guy sends himself documents or draws by scanner

I've checked on Send/receive Connector, on Groups... but i dunno where exactly


rishishah -> RE: smtp 554 5.6.1 (31.Mar.2008 8:23:30 AM)

I bet your scanner is sending the mail to the Hub.

If this is case by default all SMTP Traffic needs to be authenticated ovr TLS.

So you can do two things:

1) Send the mail to your edge (if you have one)
2) Set up a receive connector in your Hub that allows un-authenticated connections (and no TLS)  from your scanner's IP

Greg59 -> RE: smtp 554 5.6.1 (31.Mar.2008 9:28:49 AM)

Yes it works fine with a new connector!!
thanks a lot for your answer :)

rishishah -> RE: smtp 554 5.6.1 (1.Apr.2008 5:01:50 AM)

Good to know your problem is solved.

Happy to Help.

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