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wolfmann -> Odd Issue (20.Apr.2008 1:13:34 AM)

I've recently installed Server 2008 64-bit, with a Windows Server 2003 compatible domain, so that I can run Server 2003 with Exchange 2003. The 2003 server is a member server.

I've installed Exchange properly, with SP2, but when I go to connect to the server with Outlook 2007, I get a request to log-in to the server which fails with any account I try (local or domain). All DNS points back to the domain controller, though the member server does have DNS installed for redundancy.

I can connect to the Exchange server and the server shares through windows explorer, but Outlook gives me errors like it can't connect to the Exchange server.

For all intents and purposes the mailboxes are created on the server. I can log in to the accounts over OWA (though I have an odd issue where when I create a message the message area is unuseable...red X in it's place).

As well, when I check in Users and Computers on 2003 I can see the Exchange tabs in the user's profile, but I can't in Server 2008. As well there is no "Exchange Tasks..." available when I right-click the user's...yet go back to the 2003 server and it's all good. Is this the Exchange 2003/Server 2008 incompatibility bug? 

So did I miss something here?

jveldh -> RE: Odd Issue (20.Apr.2008 5:21:46 AM)


That you don't have the Exchange tasks is because you didn't install the Exchange management tools on the Domain Controller.

Have you checked your event log for messages ?

wolfmann -> RE: Odd Issue (20.Apr.2008 7:58:51 AM)

Yes, there's nothing of note.

When I go to install the management console it gives me a compatibility error.

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