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j.bensley -> Exchange 2k7 Migration To New Server (22.Apr.2008 7:11:33 AM)

Hey All,

Withing my organization (in particular the network that has an exchange server running) there is a three trick pony. There were only three servers on the network, one being a proxy and the other being a database server so they aren't to important. Its the third server that is important. The third server is the Domain Controller, DNS Server and Exchange Server. Due to expansion I have purchased another server to move exchange from my old server and onto this new one however...!

I can't remember what the conditions where with installing exchange. I can't remember if any of the roles had to be installed on  the domain controller like the hub transport role? I could be talking a load of cods-wallop I just can't remember?

Is it ok to just install exchange on a new server then migrate all my settings and mailboxes across etc and then remove it from my domain controller?

Any help would be greatly appreciated;


bstiles -> RE: Exchange 2k7 Migration To New Server (22.Apr.2008 7:53:14 AM)

Hi Bensley

If you are keeping the existing DC and are just removing EX2K7 , then build the new server as a member server and install EX2K7 and then move the mailboxes across to the new server if you are using public folders replicate these with the new server, once done decommision EX2K7 from the DC.

None of the roles need to be installed on the DC.

j.bensley -> RE: Exchange 2k7 Migration To New Server (22.Apr.2008 8:24:03 AM)

Brian! That name should go down in history...

That is exactly the response I was hoping for!

Thanks for your help Brian.


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