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khan4u -> My Setup (27.Apr.2008 10:38:23 AM)

Hi there... My Company has Main Office and Branch Office. Each Office is configured as a separate IP subnet. The network Consists of a single Active  Direcotry Forest that contains one Domain. Active Directory And Global Catalog service Exist for each Office.  At present  i am looking for transition from Exchange Server 2003(All services running on same machine) to exchange server 2007 in clustering environment (MailBox Server(CCS) (2machines) and CAS/Hub trasnport server on single machine). Please guide me... Khan

Elan Shudnow -> RE: My Setup (27.Apr.2008 12:01:51 PM)

Amount of users in each office?
VPN Tunnel between office?  Private Link between office?  Speed between offices?
What's your IT Support structure look like?  If you were to put an Exchagne Server in your branch office, is there anybody there that can support it?
Is your branch office physically secure?

These are all things to think about.  Considering you already have an Exchange server in your main office and people are using it from your branch office, I would say it should be fine to keep Exchange 2007 centralized as the client to server bandwidth requirements haven't changed much in Exchange 2007.

You would require 3 new servers at your main office if you want to keep it centralized.  1 for Hub Transport Server and Client Access Server, and 2 for the Mailbox Clustering. 

You could get away with 2 new servers if you do the following (this requires existing Exchange 2003 to have x64 capabilities):
Deploy 1x HTS/CAS/MB.
Migrate to Exchange 2007
Decomission Exchange 2003
Format old Exchange 2003 Server
Install Server 2003/8 x64
Install Exchange 2007 HTS/CAS/MB
Decomission the first Exchange 2007 server (as you'd want to use the 2 beefy new servers for the Clustering)
Then build out your cluster and move mailboxes to it

Personally, I'd rather just buy 3 new servers as part of a hardware recycle refresh and just deploy a HTS/CAS on the new box, build out the cluster, migrate users to the cluster, decomission Echange 2003, and use the hardware for whatever other purpose you have.  For example, use it as a 2nd DC/GS to ensure you have directory services redundancy.

khan4u -> RE: My Setup (28.Apr.2008 1:52:53 AM)

Actually i have exchange is Head Office only and so far nothing in mind of putting exchange in branch office. As i already ibought 3 new servers and ready to go..could you please give clear outline to acheive my goal...


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