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ImaLuzer -> What's your organization's mailbox size limits? (29.Apr.2008 11:06:24 AM)

I'm desperately trying to talk our organization into setting some mailbox limits. So far, they've agreed to 3 years online with a max send/recieve size of 50MB. They did not want a restriction on mailbox size. Even then, I have some managers complaining that this will be unacceptable. I have 1 user with 8.5GB of online mail...in fact the top 4 users occupy as much space in the store as the bottom 185 users.

We just migrated from Groupwise to E2K7 and all of the mail has been captured and archived to an install of GFI's MailArchiver (very nice)...so users still have access to their mail if they need it.

What are your org's mailbox restrictions set to? Please send me a link if this has been covered in another thread (sorry).

Our Stats:
Mail Expire: 3 years
Max Size: 50MB
Mailbox Size: unlimited (arggghhh)

ChrisHoche -> RE: What's your organization's mailbox size limits? (30.Apr.2008 3:20:35 PM)

Im always finding myself having problems with users and this topic.  We have 450 mailboxes, smaller company, Exchange 2007 Ent. The majority of my users have 200MB size mailbox stores, limited to sending/receiving emails no larger than 15MB. I have them archiving daily to a local PST, automatically. Of coarse the CEO and other can have their 1.5GB mailboxes... :-(

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