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jpdwyer -> Re: ADD2EXCHANGE (6.May2008 9:15:34 AM)

Has anyone had any experience with the 3rd party add-on to exchange to allow the syncing of the pubic folders with the Blackberry Exchange Server.  I have installed it a one clients insistance and it is eating up memory.  The process is on average utilizing up to and over approx. 800,000k and thus slowing down the exchange server.  I was just wondering if anyone else had any experience with this product as this if my first time.  I've spoken to their support and just get shuffled around and basically got told that their next release should correct that issue. -> RE: Re: ADD2EXCHANGE (6.May2008 9:24:21 AM)

I've seen a fair few people with this and I know a reseller of it in the UK. They haven't seen anything as you seem to be seeing.
What does support say about the patch levels that they're certifiying to? There could be some new-ish patch that you've got on the box that they haven't seen or tested yet.

jpdwyer -> RE: Re: ADD2EXCHANGE (6.May2008 9:46:50 AM)

I applogize the patch I was referring to has already been applied by my associate.  I just spoke to him as well and I inadveratntly named the wrong process. This may be a somewhat different issue.  The process "add2exchange " is not the process that is utilizing the significant memory. The process is the sqlservr.exe and the user is zAdd2Echange.  Why is the SQL server instance that Add2Exchange utilizing, utilizing so much memory. Do you have any ideas in respect to that?

Tervocharge -> RE: Re: ADD2EXCHANGE (2.Jan.2014 8:43:49 AM)

yes that is typical. When SQL installs by default it is set to an unlimited memory size. In the Add2Exchange Toolbox, on the desktop, you have an option on the free side to minimize memory footprint. Stop the Add2Exchange Service, run the Toolbox and select that option. it will minimize the footprint to 100 mb. Also, please upgrade to the latest version using this procedure to take advantage of the latest speed and stability improvements:

This is a bit late in response, but just joined, so Cheers!

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