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vhato -> Reinstallation of CAS? (7.May2008 5:22:00 PM)

For whatever reason, we are no longer able to use the OWA Web Forms.  I tried all the Powershell commands to remove and reinstall the Forms for OWA with no success.  We are now using the Windows Authentication.

1. Is reinstallation of the CAS a possible solution?
2. Is it even possible as this server houses all roles except Edge?
3. Will I need to run the SP1 upgrade after reinstallation of the CAS?
4. Will reinstallation of CAS break ANYTHING? Outlook 2007 connects fine.


hvang -> RE: Reinstallation of CAS? (14.May2008 12:16:42 AM)

1. You should be able to uninstall and reinstall the CAS role.
2. Should be, remember to uncheck the box to uninstall the role when rerunning the setup.
3. Probably or try to reinstall CAS using E2K7SP1 setup files directly.
4. Shouldn't but you might be better off installing CAS on a second separate server first and seeing if it works then you'll at least know if the issue is really related to the CAS role or something else.

vhato -> RE: Reinstallation of CAS? (14.May2008 12:44:54 AM)

Thanks for your reply.  I swear, everytime I think about leaving something on this site...I hear crickets!!

Anyway,  I did consider installing CAS on a separate server just to see.  I may do just that before jumping.

Thank you so much,

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