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birddog -> Takes a while with "waiting to update folder (7.May2008 7:49:51 PM)

I'm running Exchange 2007 with an Edge server, CAS server MB server and ISA 2k6 for remote users to use Outlook over HTTP.

I am noticing when I connect to Exchange 2007, whether I'm in the office or remote and using Outlook over HTTP that I can connect to the server pretty quickly but it takes a while and I see the "waiting to update folder".  It also takes a bit longer for the remote users when using Outlook over HTTP.

Now, all my users are noticing this and saying it's slower for that new mail to drop in Outlook then when they were connecting to Exchange 2003.  I'm monitoring my Exchange environment and the server CPU is hardly used.  Besides networking or ISP anything else I should look at?  Is this a common issue?  Is it true that in Exchange 2003 we didn't notice this and it was faster?


mark@mvps.org -> RE: Takes a while with "waiting to update folder (7.May2008 7:57:16 PM)

There are going to be a ton of reasons for this but one of them could be your cached mode status. If you're in Outlook using RPC over HTTPS you're going to be in cached mode. This means that the messages download and are ready for full viewing as soon as they appear in the inbox. In previous versions you'd see a trickle where (say) the text body was there but any attachments had to be waited for. Can you send a message with an attachment (a meg perhaps), one with an OL2002 client and one with OL 2007 in direct, non cached mode, another one with OL2007 in cached mode but not using RPC over HTTPS and a final one with OL2007 cached mode AND RPC over HTTPS. The elapsed time before you're able to access the attachment should be broadly the same.

I know the answer was a bit long winded and none too great grammar wise but bear with me.

Hopefuly other people will dive in here with some extra things to look at.

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