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topone -> Reducing Mailbox Store Size (12.May2008 5:59:25 AM)

Dear All,

I just want to know that I have archived and deleted huge size of mailboxes from our exchange 2003 server but still the database size is not decreased. I have checked the size of the MDBDATA under Exchsrvr directory and it tells me the size is 53 GB, the actual size of priv1.edb is 37 GB and the size of priv1.stm is 15 GB. I checked the event logs and found the 1221 event which explains that the first storage group\mailbox store white space is 854 MB after the online defragmentation has terminated. I am confused a bit of knowing the actual size of the database and 2nd do I need to run offline defragment on the store to reduce the size? I appreciate if some one could provide me steps of running offline defragmentation.
Thank You,

uemurad -> RE: Reducing Mailbox Store Size (12.May2008 9:38:52 AM)

Also look for Event ID 9535 telling you how much space is retained by deleted mailbox not yet purged and Event ID 1207 telling you how much space is retained by deleted items not yet purged.

Do you have a reason for needing to run the offline defragmentation?  What advantage do you expect to gain by running it?

Eseutil /D Defragmentation Mode

topone -> RE: Reducing Mailbox Store Size (13.May2008 2:41:43 AM)

We are running with MS exchange server 2003 standard edition with SP-2, and the size of the store is growing every day. I was just wondering why not to run offline defragmentation to reduce the size of the store as I have deleted huge number of mailboxes and some of the mailboxes were of 6 Gb size. After removing the mailboxes i see that it is not effecting the size of the store straightly. I just want to know is it worth to run offline defrag just to reduce the size of the store. Following are the event details I found:
Event 9535:
0 deleted mailboxes (0 kb) have been removed
0 deleted mailboxes (0 kb) have been retained
Event 1207:
Start: 54517 Items: 9708639 kb
End: 53352 Items: 9489467 kb

Thank You for the help and support.

uemurad -> RE: Reducing Mailbox Store Size (13.May2008 9:36:31 AM)

To summarize what your server is telling you:

Your database size is 53GB
You have less than 1GB of whitespace
You have no deleted mailboxes waiting to be removed
You have 9GB of deleted items waiting to be removed

If you run an offline defrag, it will probably take 10 hours (receiving no messages during this time) and you can expect to recover 1GB.  There is a small chance of actually introducing corruption into your database running the defrag.  It is not meant to be used as a maintenance process, but rather to resolve particular issues that cannot be fixed in other ways.

Deleting a mailbox does not mean the mailbox store will decrease.  Keep in mind that Exchange utilizes Single Instance Storage within the confines of a mailbox store.

kontech -> RE: Reducing Mailbox Store Size (19.May2008 2:59:23 PM)

Im working on Exchange 2003, SP2 which was a recent Exmerge migration from Ex5.5. The mailbox store has roughly 17Gb which concerns me. Over the weekend I created another mailbox store to which I moved 5Gb worth of mailboxes for archiving purposes. This morning the size of edb file in my primary store is still around 17Gb, while the other edb file is about 5Gb. I have the mailbox maintenance running at midnight every night.  Most recent Event ID 1221 says: The database "First Storage Group\Public Folder Store (FSERVER)" has 3 megabytes of free space after online defragmentation has terminated. I have plenty of disk space in partition containing Exchange installation and only 5Gb of free space on the system partition. Does that matter? Is so, should I redirect TEPM/TMP to the partition that has sufficient space? TIA.

uemurad -> RE: Reducing Mailbox Store Size (19.May2008 10:07:57 PM)

On an Exchange server, there are three things that grow on an ongoing basis.  The Information Store(s), the transactional log files, and the SMTP log files.  All three are configurable and therefore you can specify which drive they end up on.

5GB free on the System drive isn't much.  You should see what you can safely move.  If any of the three things above are on the System drive, you should move them. 

kontech -> RE: Reducing Mailbox Store Size (19.May2008 10:24:34 PM)

I should have been more specific when posting my question. The Exchange installation, all related directories and logs are stored on partition other then system partition with about 100Gb of free space. My question is when the defrag of Exchange files takes place where is the temporary working file(s) being stored?

uemurad -> RE: Reducing Mailbox Store Size (19.May2008 10:36:07 PM)

When performing an offline defrag, the temp files by default on the same drive as your database files, but you can specify that with command line arguments.  Read the documentation on using ESEUTIL for defragmentation.

When Exchange is performing an online defrag, it is collecting the whitespace within the database files.  It's not affecting the physical size of the files.

kontech -> RE: Reducing Mailbox Store Size (20.May2008 12:16:41 PM)

Thanks for the reply. Since Im running online defrags Exchange is using the drive with ample space.
Last night I moved more mailboxes from the primary store to the secondary one, which caused the secondary edb file to grow proportionally (7GB), which the primary edb file still remains at 17+Gb.
Also, one of the users reported this morning that shes missing lots of emails in her Sent Items folder and this happened once about a 1.5 week ago, but I figured it was a user error and resorted from backup. Im thinking if I might have a corrupted store database issue.
If so, would moving all mailboxes to the secondary store be a solution here? Id prefer to avoid doing offline defrag if possible. TIA.

uemurad -> RE: Reducing Mailbox Store Size (20.May2008 4:51:42 PM)

Moving all the mailboxes to a different store accomplishes the defrag, identifies any corruption (a mailbox will refuse to complete the move if there is corruption the wizard cannot overcome), and retains any Single Instance Storage.

The old store will not shrink its physical size unless you perform an offline defrag.

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