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faisal ali -> help request (13.May2008 11:13:43 AM)

in my company we have small business server 2003. our hard disk capacity is 62 gb. we have nealy 20 users. exchange server connected internaly through users. our manager has email account activated through ms outlook. and he distributed the mail to the users. laste week i check the size of the hard disk i notice that there is only 18GB remaining. and i check which folder takes these much data. i found that priv1.edb take nearly 30 gb. 28 gb for our manager's mailbox store. immediately i archieve the data. and reduce the capacity from mailbox store. and i check the priv1.edb. that one is same 30GB.
what can i do to reduce the size of priv1.edb. then i can get maximum size of harddisk. but i have only 18GB remaining.
can i do offline defragment, i read that online defragment must need 110% free space. but i have only 50% free space in c drive.
please let me advice -> RE: help request (13.May2008 11:29:20 AM)

Before we say anything please go into the Application Event log and tell us what Event ID 1221 is reporting. There should be five instances per day; 4 for the Public and one for the Private.

faisal ali -> RE: help request (20.May2008 5:51:40 AM)

i have daily 4 information about id 1221 in event viewer one general catogory.
three of them based on MSExchangeis public store and one about MSExchangeis mail box store.

how can i reduce the size of the priv1.edb file
if you need any thing more please let me know.

i have only 6 month experiance in this field. i am awiting for your replay

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