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khaja_akheel -> Transfer Server (15.May2008 3:45:29 AM)

Dear All!
Good Day.

My setup:
Windows 2003 SP2.
Exchange 2003>>>
Domian with 2 member domain's
On first member domain I installed Exchange & it works fine due to some reason I want to change the Exchange machine to another member domain is it possible to a new exchange installation on 2nd member domain & to transfer all the storage to this new exchange server...
Best Regards

ismail.mohammed -> RE: Transfer Server (15.May2008 12:40:30 PM)

hi Mate,

It is totally depending upon the server database.
If you have many users then
you need to install exchange server in the new server
replicate public folder & system folder
Moving the mailboxes
Redirecting the mailflow strategy & RUS
finally decomission the first

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