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Xas -> Setting up x500 proxy adresses (15.May2008 8:02:05 AM)

Hello all,

We have migrated from our previous Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 on a new machine. Old one is running as a DNS server, didnt uninstall 2003 only disabled it.

Problem is, some users are getting undelivery reports when sending emails to internal users.
This is due to old outlook name records; outlook keeps the old address which points to previous 2003 organization. People familiar with the issue will know what im talking about.

One way is terminating the outlook name files. This is only a temporary solution because if someone replies to an old mail everything goes wrong once again. And its quite painful to do it for every user because users are on five different cities. Also, it doesnt solve the problem for external senders.

I found out that the certain solution is setting up x500 proxy addresses. However I dont know much about this.How can I do that? Where to look for in old servers, what to do in the new one?

xray13 -> RE: Setting up x500 proxy adresses (27.May2008 9:50:24 AM)

That is the way to do it. And if you use move-mailbox properly it should populate those x500 addresses and resolution in addressbook will work OK.
But format of your x500 address in new exchange should be:
All that you can see in ADSIEdit or in Exchange system manager if that still works in old domain/exchange.

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