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allyance -> Routing messages to external user (21.May2008 3:52:35 PM)

I have a small client with 5 users, and one external employee that is not on SBS. 5 users can not email external employee's address with same domain name as 5 users. Domain name is not the same as SBS domain. We use pop/smtp accounts to send and receive email. Need to route the external user only to his pop account from within organization. Thanks in advance.

Sembee -> RE: Routing messages to external user (22.May2008 6:45:33 PM)

That is the behaviour I would expect to see.
SBS is designed to expect to be responsible for all email for the domain. If email is sent to an email address that isn't present on the server then it will bounce.
Ideally you should have all users on the server. That is the simplest way of resolving the problem. Otherwise you are looking at extensive reconfiguration of the server, which will need to be repeated each time you run any of the wizards.

Why are you using POP3/SMTP with SBS? That is a complete waste of the features of Exchange. If you were going to do that you may as well have bought the standard version of Windows!


allyance -> RE: Routing messages to external user (22.May2008 8:30:35 PM)

Thanks for the reply. I guess I didn't state the problem clearly. The external person never works in the office, is not a user on the local domain or server, he only has an email address that has the same domain as the rest of the local staff that is on the server. The email domain for all staff is not the same as the domain of the local network. When a local staff person emails the external person, they get an error message. I need to route his address only so that it bypasses the exchange server. If I need to add him as a user to be able to route the email, that is not a problem.

I use pop accounts because we are in rural area with modrately reliable internet service and rough winters. If there is a loss of service my email servers hold messages until they are back on line. Plus an additional layer of spam control.

Sembee -> RE: Routing messages to external user (23.May2008 6:36:35 PM)

I fully understood the problem and the answer that I posted above still stands.
However if you are in an area with suspect internet connections I would be seriously considering putting email on to an external hosting service.


allyance -> RE: Routing messages to external user (23.May2008 9:03:46 PM)

I think I have it figured out, but can't test it till the long week is over.

I added him as a user, then removed his local email address (DanB@xyz.local) and put his external email as the one and only smtp address.

I run 3 email/web servers with Verio, with Tier 1 connections. All email and web hosting is done in a secure environment in Dullas, VA. Totally backed up and protected. My local network clients use those servers as their pop accounts.

allyance -> RE: Routing messages to external user (27.May2008 10:08:53 AM)

Problem solved thanks to article by Mark Fugatt on the forum.

I created a second address on my email server, then had messages forwarded to that address.

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